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How does video work with Soundgig?

Soundgig Version 1 is quite simple and only the essential features (video/streaming + monetization services) are available. To ensure optimal performance it supports only video embedding (link/URL or Embedded code).  

Soundgig’s support team will work personally with you to make sure your content is uploaded correctly! 

But what about Streaming?

Live streaming is a different beast all together, its simple once you get the hang of it, but be patient it may be daunting at first. To be able to connect with us you’ll need a Broadcasting Software, our FREE recommendation is “OBS studio“.

I got OBS, now what?

Before anything else, we encourage you DO SOME TESTS ON YOUR OWN. Connect to Facebook live and do some tests and a proper sound check.

We can’t stress how crucial this is for success. Remember this is your musical career we are talking about, we want you to make a great impression!

What you'll need:

Your instruments (audio source) An interphase or a way of connecting that audio source to your computer and monitoring it. Soundflower(MAC) or Virtual Audio Cable(Windows) if you plan on using DAW’s to process the sound.


You connect and setup OBS and get ready to book your First Live Gig!