How does Soundgig work for an Artist?

Soundgig was made to be a completely FREE tool for musicians to work online in this unpredictable world.

This means that as an Artist, you can monetize your content and actually make a career online!

Your possibilities of monetization depend on your skillset, content and audience.

This means success will ultimately be determined by how YOU use the tools we provide to serve your musical journey.

Our goal is to create a secure path within the musical industry for Artist to develop their career and provide as much opportunities as possible.


Note. this is a beta version. We will add “Sponsor and Bonus” features and so much more, as soon as we can. You just wait and see… it will be worth it. 

Live Concerts

  • Donations:
    available to any Artist in every live concert regardless of audience size.
  • Paid Concert:
    There are 2 different types of live concerts: “Paid or Free”. Paid concerts will be unlocked once you reach a certain audience size.
  • Sponsors:
    Depending on your trajectory/growth/content, some of our partners may decide to become your exclusive sponsor. This means that you will be receiving monthly income to keep advancing your career.
  • Bonuses:
    Once you achieve a certain reach you may receive monthly bonuses from Ads, and Subscriptions.

Online Classes/Courses/Tutorials

  • Price:
    As Straight-forward as it sounds, You name the price and you earn from it. You can also make this content free so that people get to know you. (For now only group sessions are available)
  •  Sponsors:
    You can also get the attention of a Sponsor if your class content is to their liking. Thus earning some more income in the process.
  • Bonuses:
    If Certain conditions are met you can also earn monthly bonuses form Ads and Subscriptions through online classes/courses. 

Ready to give it a Shot?