About Us

Soundgig is a live and on-demand, musical video, streaming platform offering a wide range of tools to help Artists and musical content creators systematically develop! 

It is the perfect place for musical lovers worldwide to connect with their favorite artists and really get to know them!

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The reason behind Soundgig?

In the words of our founder~Alex Vit

Our Vision​

A world where Artists and their Fans can have a more intimate interaction. Allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the musical experience and providing the Artists a unique opportunity to engage directly with their Fans.

Today we are in the process of developing Soundgig’s Version 2. This means raising funds, running tests, refining the concept, and getting the word out in order to strengthen our community.

Us Today

Our Goal

Create a safe path for Artists and Musical Content Creators worldwide to systematically develop and provide the tools/services so they can have a real chance of success in the musical industry.

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The Change!

Help the musical community through COVID-19